Though I am often into the propagation of meditation, I found not all fall into the pleasure of the same.  I myself noticed and even found to be admitted by many, of some common factors that act as hindrances in adopting the practice of meditation. As I often say, meditation is not tough, only we need some practice with (some) patience. Meditation is a state of mind, there is no goal, no target to achieve. It is knowing yourself, your mind, thoughts, and being aware of the present existence.

These hindrances create an obstruction in enveloping yourself with the practice, breaks your willingness, shatters your confidence until you decide to back up. Let’s recognize what are those common hindrances you come across (or you can come across, at the beginning) and how to cope with them.

Hindrances to meditation that obstructs in adopting the process



People often admit feeling restless while doing meditation. Lack of patience and the running thoughts in mind with various feelings associated with it, is sure to make you restless. Bring some patience to you, settle down. Give some time. People are always with the presumed notion of running out of time, often reluctant in saving some time for the practice. Keep few minutes of your day daily until it becomes your habit.

In some cases, restlessness is also said to be caused by our sensory desires, i.e. when we sit to meditate, our five sense organs are continuously at work, so we often get distracted by one thing or the other. So, to curb this problem, according to teachings, one should try to focus on your breathing. With the gradual focus on your breath, the disturbances of other five senses will eventually disappear.


Initially, people are found to start with many doubts in their minds. Doubts about the fruitfulness of the practice, and even doubt about their individual capacity to meditate. Have some trust, accept the process and go for it. Bring some willingness to you, it cannot be done forcefully. An as you move deeper, your self-experience will wash away your doubts. As I have already said, do not set any goal. Learn to be content and at peace with the present.

Body discomfort

Due to many reasons, people they often face the problem of body discomfort. It may be due to low energy, inactivity or heavy body. Avoid doing meditation after food. Moreover for beginners, I recommend no rigid body position. Sit comfortably in whatever position you want, but make sure to retain the position at least for few minutes. It’s all about mind, try to first know your mind, train your mind, before following body posture.

Problem of grasping

People mostly fail to understand what the practice is all about. Before getting into meditation, get to know meditation. What the process is all about. Instead of jumping into, slowly fall into the process. Get clear your doubts, before practicing. Start simple, slow and steady.


Many even admit the fact of feeling sleepy during meditation. Sleepiness cannot lead you to meditation. A tired body and tired mind leads to sleepy state. Give yourself some rest before starting to meditate. Meditation is to be awake to your inner self. You have to be aware and conscious of your being, your thoughts and feelings and your existence. Too much of comfortable position may also lead to sleepiness. Sit erect, with your back straight.


Happy Living…!!

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