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‘Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think’ …Buddha

Hi, I am Darshana Sarmah, mother of a toddler angel, an ardent lover of books, a homely person always running with the motto of time is wealth. I carry with me a joyous nature, a sensitive heart, a caring attitude and an ambitious mind. This accident happened BIG thing, named meditation, has completely changed my life. Since last two years, I have been are a regular practitioner of meditation and have experienced the change practically.


Right now, I have completed my doctorate research, with a past experience of being into teaching job for a couple of years.

But life has always been incomplete and unhappy for me with no reason to mention. My complete transformation into a new ME has invoked a desire to help out people to realize their happiness.

This particular space of mine is for anything and everything that will make your life beautiful. Will try to make you learn to love life. Besides, letting you know the various aspects of meditation, the blog will provide posts about easy ways out of seemingly complex problems of life.