It is said that lessons taught by life are more important than those learned from parents, schools and colleges. As I grew up life proved to be a strict teacher for me (am sure for many of you too..!!). Situations and circumstances arise where there is virtually nothing you can do, rather than holding the hands of patience and pulling yourself hard from bed every morning, and giving a mental reminder that everything going to be fine.

Tough times are really very tough; we literally lose all our control over emotions and thereby suffer from all sorts of negativity. We become angry, frustrated, irritated, and finally a depressed soul. These times really takes our patience level on stride. It is easy to stay motivated, plan out a productive schedule, advice others, and even discipline oneself when things are going on the right track. Small bumps are handled with that.  But it is much harder to follow the same motivation, schedule, advice when we lose complete control over where the life is going. And in spite of repeated attempts, when life kicks with a super adamant attitude saying I will take my own time to set right, the situation becomes serious.

I have been famous as the most impatience person in my family, always in a rush, and needed everything done in the finger snap. But later, life taught me a different but brilliant lesson, Happiness is a choice, no one can create your happiness until you choose to be’ Similarly, our life is a journey, it will move on, no matter how, but our perception towards life does matter. You can add years to your life, or else choose to add life to your years. My choice is the latter. And therefore, I have set out some rigid rules for my life to safeguard my happiness no matter how bumpy the ride is;

Monitor your happiness


No over-whelming expectation: Keep lesser, or no overwhelming expectation from anything in your life, be it any situation or person. Keep your dreams alive, those are your own, work for it. But equally important is the acceptance towards life, which helps to cope with it, rather than breaking down in every speed breaker of life.

Avoid Being Judgemental: Avoid judgemental attitude to anything, no matter what. It is the root cause of all sorts of negative emotions like ego, anger, comparison, irritation, frustration etc. It brings with it unbearable agony, that uselessly makes us burn with it. Focus and concentrate on your emotions and activities. Practice compassion.

Have a ‘Me’ Time: No matter what, don’t get lost in daily duties. Give yourself some space. Do something every day that you particularly like. It helps to keep you keep the zeal of your life intact, by keeping you internally happy. Love yourself; care for yourself, your mind, body, soul needs every attention, like any other things in the world.

Read Books: ‘A book is not an escape from life but a shortcut to a better one’ Books is my best friend. Give books a place in your life, and you no longer are alone. They can become your best companion, adviser, teacher and motivator. Make reading a daily habit.

Stay away from anything negative: I personally choose to keep myself away from any negative bandage, be it any person, any news, any video etc. It makes your mind less susceptible to negativity. Our mind and the arising thoughts in it, are to be taken care of or else it is easy for the human mind to get influenced the other way round. As Buddha said, ‘We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves’

Keep yourself busy and motivated: A common saying, ‘An idle mind is a devil workshop’. Keep yourself and your mind busy, in constructive, positive, and motivated stuff. Remain associated with the social circle that uplifts you; engage in tasks that challenge the best of you.

Sit in silence: Now, it is the powerful anecdote for a mind, soul and body. Silence is full of answers. Learn to hear your inner voice, learn to meditate, it provides the coolest answers to our chaotic minds.

Practice gratitude: It is another very powerful technique to renew our liveliness. The practice of gratitude makes us realise the importance of our present moment. It is to be thankful for what we have, which we often take for granted in the race of life. As Robert Brault said, ‘Enjoy the small things, for one day you will look back and realise that they were big things’


Happy Living Friends…!!


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