Meditation is not always about the mind. It is about our body too. Body scan meditation, as the name indicates, is about bringing awareness to our body, hence relaxing and healing the body, along with the mind. The body scan meditation is all about inducing peace with the body. It is also interpreted as guided meditation, where we use our body as the source of the guide, throughout the meditation process. It is reading of your body, with your mind. The path of which usually starts from toe to head wards.

During the process, one may encounter with different physical or emotional sensations. Physical sensations can be of any type like some kind of pain, numbness, tension, burning, or pricking in the body. While emotional sensations may include feelings of impatience, boredom, shame, frustration etc. Let your sensations be as the way it is. Know them without reacting; it is not thinking about your body, it is feeling your body.

all about relaxing your body through meditation


Body scan meditation also depends on how quickly or slowly you cover or scan your body. You can scan your body in one long breath, or else you can slowly create awareness in every part of your body, in every single breath. It can be done in the following way;

  1. Lie down comfortably on your back, be it on a mat on the floor, or on the bed. Keep your leg uncrossed, and hands on the side, with palms facing upward. You can also keep your hands on your belly in a relaxed manner.
  2. Close your eyes and follow you breathe. Be aware of your inhalation and exhalation. Take deep and slow breathing.
  3. Slowly bring awareness to your body. Concentrate on your body. Try to bring awareness to your physical sensations in the body, recognize the areas of comfort and discomfort in your body.
  4. Now slowly move through your body, while deeply breathing in and out.
  5. Move towards your lower abdomen. Increase your focus on the left foot, the sole, heel, and slowly towards the ankle, calf, knee, thigh and gradually to hip on the left, then again move to right toe and so on upwards to right hip.
  6. Now, scan slowly your pelvic region, your back abdomen, chest, fingers, hand, neck, face, head, and the whole body.
  7. Make sure to take deep breathing during the whole process. Reach each part with the deep inhalation, and leave it with a deep exhalation.
  8. Most importantly, enjoy the process, move and complete it with true intention and a lot of patience. It will sure to restore you to a calm body as well as the mind, apart from many other beneficial effects.


Wishing you all the relaxation !!

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