Though I was never a diehard fan of hers, yet it is equally true that she never stayed unnoticed and you can’t ignore her presence on the screen. But, off-late, she made her presence felt in a more entirely amazing way and in a different field, in contrast from a background from which she belongs, creating a niche with a unique writing style of her own.

Yes, I am talking about the actress turned writer Twinkle Khanna, and her most hyped maiden book Mrs Funnybones. In simple words, she justifies the name of the book and probably herself too. It is entertaining.  And probably you won’t give it a dear place in your library, but it a good one time read.

It is not a typical book. It is more like a conversation to me. The writing though actually does not suit a book, yet a reader gets glued to it for all good reasons. It is neither a novel nor an autobiography; it is an instant formula for laughter, blown with an air of ‘bindasspan

Mrs Funnybones; what is it all about.

The best part thing about the book is that she picked up her normal daily life, random activities, as the body of the book, and through it, you can also witness the commonness of their inner life with that of us, a layman, which I think brings a reader more close to the book.

Expression of her bold outlook on different aspects of life needs courage, and therefore appreciable. I personally appreciate her observation of things and the way she coats up with juicy and delicious humor remarks.

Being humorous though thought to be a natural gift, to make someone genuinely laugh is equally hard. Here, the writer has passed out with flying colors in her first attempt.

With a total of 26 chapters, running down with alphabetically amazing titles backed up with intelligent meaning and illustrative sketches get over in 150 pages.

Name of the book: Mrs. Funnybones

Author:  Mrs. Twinkle Khanna

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 150

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