A few days back, I got ranked among the top women mental health bloggers of 2019 in India, by Womensweb. After the initial shocked moment ( that lasted for a day.), I realise this blessing is such a motivation for me. Gone through really bad days, when with a complete u- turn I got converted from a working lady to a stay-at-home mother, which was so very depressing at times. Never have I known that daily stealing of mere few hours for myself from the whole day, would bring me such recognition. But that also made me realise my strength, being a woman, both mentally or physically.

My personal belief which I always repeat that only strong souls are born as women. And why not? We are the symbol of strength on one hand and epitome of grace and beauty on the other. A women moulds in any roles given to her, yet holds the string tight. As Maya Angelou said, ‘ I am grateful to be a women, I must have done something great in another life’.

But assigning a single day for the occasion and celebrating the same for a day, is far from been enough to actually pull us from the unknown entangles that have griped us always. Women’s day is for the celebration of respect, admiration, love and care for women, but I would like to say let each day be a women’s day, let’s celebrate ourselves, honour ourselves, admire ourselves, show some love and care to ourselves. Though, we cannot deny the fact that women have come a long way in proving themselves and the society of what they are capable of. But still, there are many potholes in the way to real success of womanhood, in true sense. There is almost no doubt that we are responsibility bearers, but what about the responsibility towards self. Maintaining our individuality is as important as maintaining a family. I wholeheartedly believe in three things;

Empower yourself mentally: Being mentally empowered is more important to financial empowerment. A healthy mindset with all the positive qualities like courage, dignity, self-respect, emotional control, focus and flexible at times, are essential to have a self-sufficient as well as sustainable personality. Accept and respect being who you are, in any forms and shapes. Look up to yourself, without looking for approval of others. Take the pride of being YOU .

Grow together: Hillary Clinton said, ‘ Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world’. Indeed , we are. We have a lot more potential within us, than we have realise. But most important is that before seeking gender equality in the eyes of men, we women must incorporate it within us. In whatever roles we are in a society, be it a mother, sister, daughter, we must grow together, and let others grow too. We must push each other for a better, than pulling back in prejudices. Growing the whole gender together is the real victory of womanhood.

Take care of yourself: Yes, do take care of yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Apart from the responsibilities where we always sink into, a happy and healthy You, is equally important. Assign fix time for yourself, and use it for your development and make it productive. Eat right, exercise, read good books, develop your lost hobbies, indulge in anything and everything positive and you feel good about.

As Sadhguru says, ‘ If the feminine is lost on the planet, nothing of beauty, nothing of tenderness, nothing of truly aesthetic value will survive’
With lots of love and respect to each one of you , lets try making our womanhood a success..!!

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