Energy is the “capacity of doing work”. This is the most common definition of energy that we all virtually remember learning in school. Here, however, is the mechanical or physical form of work done that is mentioned. What I would like to highlight here is something more interesting and captivating that we could learn about ‘energy’. In a broader perspective, our lives are also run by some subtle energy sources, located in the spinal cord. They form the fuel source of our life cycle, a sacred energy storehouse of life.

The concept of Chakra has a Vedic origin in India that originated before 1500 BC and later practised in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The word is derived from Sanskrit ‘Cakra’, meaning wheels or wheels of energy, that runs the cradle of our life. Chakras are considered as the foundation for the wholeness and liveliness of our life, determining the mental, physical and overall wellbeing. Every aspect of our lives, either good or bad, in thoughts, actions, and deeds, are determined by the strength and weakness of the specific chakras. There are seven chakras, and each chakra has specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bindings. The best and the most powerful way of chakra healing is affirmations, i.e to feed them with positive thoughts, which forms the basis of chakra meditation. Let us get introduced to them:

Root chakra:  It is also known as theMuladhara Chakra’, and is located at the base of our spine. It is symbolised by the colour ‘red’. This chakra is responsible for our sense of physical identity, sense of security and stability. Imbalance in this chakra brings anxiety, fear of existence, lack of confidence etc., and physical ailments like back pain, bladder and colon problem begin. Heal this chakra with affirmations like “I am safe, I am protected and secure”.

Sacral chakra: This chakra is located below the navel, in the pubic bone and associated with emotional identity, creativity and desire. It is also known as the ‘Swadisthana chakra, and is symbolised by the colour ‘orange’. A balanced chakra will bring feelings of wellness, pleasure and joy, whereas depression, fear of change, shyness, sensitivity are associated with an imbalanced chakra, along with physical problems associated with gynaecology and other urinary problems. Affirm and thereby heal the chakra by saying – “I am creative, I am beautiful”

Seven chakras that runs our life



Navel chakra: Because of its location in the navel area, it is known as navel chakra. Also known as the “Manipura chakra’, or solar plexus chakra and symbolised by the ‘yellow’ colour, this chakra is responsible for building our self-esteem, and mental power. It also controls the overall metabolism and digestive system of our body. The best way to heal the imbalance is by saying – “I accept myself as I am, I am empowered and complete”.

Heart chakra: Located in the centre of the heart, the heart chakra or Anahata chakra, is responsible for the emotional character of any individual. It is signified by the colour green. A balanced chakra brings love and compassion in nature, acceptance towards self and others. While an unbalanced one leads to fear of being hurt, fear of being abandoned, feelings of unworthiness in love, and physical illnesses like heart and respiratory problems, as well as upper back pain. The chakra is healed by affirming it with thoughts like “I love myself and others unconditionally”.


Throat Chakra: Located in the throat area, also known as the Vishuddha chakra and signified by colour ‘blue’, it is responsible for the anatomical regions of thyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue etc. It is also associated with self-expression, communication, and integrity. Affirm the chakra with thoughts like “I express and communicate at my best and in an effective manner”.


Third eye chakra: The sixth chakra, located in between the eyebrows, is also known as the Anjana chakra. It is signified by the colour ‘indigo’. It influences self-reflection, intuition and helps in visualisation and imagination of thoughts. An imbalanced chakra affects our intellectual thinking and brings physical problems like neurological disturbances, problems of eyes, ears, headaches, sleeping disorders etc. Thoughts like “I have a powerful intuition, I can take my proper decisions”, can heal out the imbalance.

Crown chakra: The last and the seventh chakra, the ‘Sahaswara chakra’, located at the crown of the head, is signified by the colour ‘violet’. It is highest in the body and influences our self-knowledge, spirituality of mind, and divine connection and belief. An imbalanced chakra leads to a lack of spiritual awareness, loneliness, lack of peace of mind etc., and brings physical illnesses like energy disorders and sleep disorders.  Heal the chakras with affirmations like “I believe in divinity, I am spiritually connected”.


Get healed…!!



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Informative post Thanks for sharing

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    Thnks Varsha…Glad u liked it.

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