Morning is the most delicate and crucial part of a day. Therefore it is rightly said, ‘ Morning shows the day’. The form of a morning can either make your day or can also spoil your day. ‘ MORNING DEPRESSION ’, which I am sure majority of us encountered every now and then (I won’t say suffer, it would sound very clinical…!!).  I won’t go defining it in a more critical way, but to keep it simple, it is the demotivated, lethargy kind of feeling that we feel once we wake up in the morning. Sometimes, it may also be accompanied by sadness, anger or frustration of any sort. It may not last the whole day ( doesn’t last, more often ), but puts us in a back gear, unless we accelerate up as soon as we realize that we are falling back. So, let us work together to some effective ways to push up ahead to a bright day forward.

Fight the demotivated, lethargy feeling in the morning.


Have a good night sleep

A sound sleep results in a relaxed state of mind the following day. A half-sleep night pulls the energy out of the body. It can be regarded as the first step in getting an energized mood the next day.

Wake up a bit early

Try to wake up with some time in hand. A late riser is sure to run out of time, making a mess out of everything.

Take the call of nature

Look out of the window. Nature in any form is sure to trigger you up. Light is often regarded as an anecdote to renew mood swings.


A few minutes of deep breathing, or a mild form of stretching can go a long way in storing you with energy for a day.

Get associated with good things

Immediately focus on the good positive things in your life. Or else, hum a sweet melody, while adorning you in the mirror. Start a day with a reflection of a smile on it.

Create short time goals

Create some goals or tasks to be completed in a few hours, or at the end of the day. The completion of such short goals will give you a sense of accomplishment as well as will keep you motivated for the next morning too.

Happy Mornings..!!



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