Sometimes, some words or phrase, or maybe a few lines, proves to be so powerful, that they completely capture your mind and consequently succeeds in occupying a front seat in your mental space. In scrolling down my last year materials, I landed upon an interesting piece.  BK Shivani (the name needs no introduction, of course), in one of her regular interactions, highlighted 8 powers, to cultivate or realise within us. As her message says ‘Emerge your 8 Shaktis… Destroy your evils’.  I found them so powerful, in the true sense of the term. Though the thoughts may sound spiritual, they bear profound practical utility. Yes, the evils of fear, anger, frustration, insecurity, greed, intolerance, an attachment that robs us of our inner strengths and fills us with all sorts of negativity. I personally found myself boosted up, and ponder over how significant is its relevance in our daily life. Let us get introduced to them:

How to live a powerful life?


Power to decide: It is the power to decide our priority in life, rather than giving space to not-so-necessary things, both in our inner and outer world. This power helps us to focus on our goals, to decide the important or unimportant.

Power to discern: The power to find out the good and bad, right and wrong, without being getting distracted or mislead. The proper use of our mental strength, to help us grow in a positive way.

Power to withdraw: It is preparedness to safe oneself as well others, in any unwanted happenings.

Power to tolerate: it is the power to tolerate any sort of negativity, no matter in words or actions that we encounter in our daily lives, without losing one’s mental stability.

Power to face:    It is power to face any obstacles, barriers, any kind of fear. To deal, confront and resolve day to day internal as well as external obstacles.

Power to let go: The let go attitude is the power to leave behind past events or grudges, to move ahead towards a happier future. Often we remain to entangle to the sad moments of our past. We fail to understand that it is not the past that defines our future, but surely present moment does. A good presentation will definitely lead to a better future.

Power to accept: Power to accept people and situations as they are, and avoid wasteful thinking. It is the power to understand that neither our surrounding people nor situations will act according to us. We are in charge of only our behaviour, so by avoiding being judgemental every now and then, it is the acceptance power that helps us strive well.

Power to cooperate: It is the power and ability to keep one as well as our surrounding in a positive web. To be in selfless service of others as per our capacity and capability.

With all the power to you, wish you a happy living !!

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