Spirituality?? Nah, don’t know exactly probably, knowing about God…..; it’s a grandparents’ thing…..blah, blah… I am sure such will be a common man’s answer to my immediate question what is spirituality. But, what if, I say, it is not Godly affairs’ thing, it is more about knowing oneself, before knowing God.

Yes… and if I further add and recommend incorporating into our life as early as possible, instead of waiting to become grandparents.  Yet again, you hear it right. Spirituality though seems to be opposite to practical life, it carries significance in its application to practical life. Spirituality is that pause-button in our daily activities that check our speed and smoothens the journey further.

The practice of spirituality may help us change our outlook on life and avoiding unnecessary reactions to any situations. No doubt, it has much more in-depth knowledge about many things, but it can be adopted in simplified version too. Now, how can it be a  practice in daily life?

Here are four simple steps to apply in our daily life which can actually carry your positivity and happiness.


Love yourself to love others

We all are self-critics to some way or other, but self-criticising is good unless it leads to low self-esteem. We cannot shower goodness around us, till we feel good inside us. Try to accept and love yourself as you are. Respect your inner being, because it is reflected in our daily attitude towards life. Self-care, mentally and physically, will bring significant positive changes in your life.



Spread kindness; be compassionate to anyone who is either happy or unhappy. Become happy with the happy ones, console the unhappy ones. Encourage the depressed ones; in turn, get encouraged from the winning ones. Be a good listener too.


Adopt an indifference attitude to some tough-stains negativity around you (be it a person, or situation). Do not acknowledge any feelings towards it, be neutral. Acknowledgment of any of the feelings of hatred, sadness will only let negative thoughts to creep and settle into your mind before you know it, making it difficult to forget.


Try to adopt a let-go attitude towards any non-wanted happenings around you. Avoid being judgemental towards any person or situation. Holding on negativity in any form is just wastage of your time and energy. Forgiveness is a great quality. It makes you nobler and higher in character. It seems tough only because of our ego, which is a worthless battle to win, leading to nowhere. Move forward to your best.

With wishes of the good spirit of positivity!


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