Stressed..?? .Even I used to… very often. But I believe, stress is a part of a busy and productive life. The more you are busy in your life, the more u encounter stress. It’s the part of life. Personally, I am a workaholic type of person, and love being busy, but many times, with the multi-role of a mother, a researcher, a blogger, stress creeps inside me, without my consciousness. The overlapping works, the unending schedule, the deadlines, gets a troll on both on mental and physical health.

Stress leads to many mental and physical discomforts. Excessive stress even gets associated with serious disorders, without our realization, for example, anxiety, nervous breakdown, insomnia, high blood pressure, a weak immune system to name a few. It is very important that we manage and maintain an optimum level of well-being. As I wrote, you can’t escape stress, unless you know to handle and cope with it. It is therefore rightly said, ‘Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens and the response is something we can choose.’ Therefore try changing your immediate response by applying the following tips.

How to deal with stressful situation

  • Recognise the exact problem; find the root of the same. Instead of repenting or regretting the past, try focussing on the probable solution(s) of the same. Avoid negative thoughts.
  • Build a mental frame or image of the whole situation. You can even write or draw it down. It may though sound silly, but it helps a lot in finding out what went wrong, in case you are not known to it, and even helps to track out the path from within.
  • Breath and relax, it is important to realize that relaxing is important. If you have some time, then pause for a while. Take a break, breathe, talk to someone, take a cup of tea or anything that relaxes you in your own way. Hyper-reaction will only lead to chaotic situation.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons, in any confusing state. I am always in the habit of analyzing the both in any case of a dilemma. It helps me and guides me in choosing the proper channel. And even if any situation has more cons, I also prefer to write down the possible solutions to them and try to choose the one which seemed to be best at that time.
  • Instead of reacting, start responding. It saves time, energy, money and even relationships in many cases. Don’t be impulsive, slow down. Take some time in dealing with any situation or people. Our reactions can either exaggerate or reduce the same.
  • Avoid blaming others, or situation. Instead move forward to take some responsibility if possible. This will reduce unnecessary hullabaloo, and will increase your confidence in solving them.

For regular stress management, and to keep stress at bay, the following quick tips will be helpful:

a/ Meditate daily, though for a few minutes. Try even incorporating exercise as far as possible.

b/ Manage your time properly, prioritize your work, maintain the schedule.

c/ Keep your life balanced, both family and work.

d/ Always reframe your problem and try looking for better perspective.

e/ Keep your ‘ Me’ time, daily. Take care of yourself in terms of proper food, proper sleep.

f/ Remain associated with positive things and people.

With all the wishes of a stress-free life..!!

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