We, mothers, generally stay concern about the physical health of our child. But, recently some literature both offline and online caught my attention and somewhat acted as an eye-opener for me, as to their mental health. Yes, that invisible portion of health, which probably plays a much more significant role in defining a child as healthy one. Whether a child is mentally growing the way he/she should grow, is a matter of serious concern.  Mental health is not the mere sharpness of a brain.  It is about the confidence, smartness, self-esteem, positiveness in the attitude of a child. It is very important for a child to form a correct opinion of himself/herself and know their weakness and strength before they step out into this world. Often we parents (almost unknowingly), put a direct or indirect form of influence on them, which in the long run, frames their individual personality development. A physically sound appearing child may also suffer from low self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, here I  share some of the valuable tips that will surely be helpful and those which I am practically practicing with my toddler.

Mental well being of a child


Don’t shout and yell

Try not to shout and yell at your child. Yelling and shouting make them rebellious.Be patient (though it’s hard). Make yourself understand it is their age to be mischievous. Cool down first in order to cool down your kid.

Don’t criticise          

Never ever criticise your child for any wrongdoing. It hurts their self-esteem. Parents are everything for any child. Regular criticism may bring a sense of detachment in them.

Don’t compare

Don’t compare them with anyone. Every child is different. Comparison implants weak feeling in the mind of a child and lowers their confidence. They become conscious of what they can’t do, rather than focusing on what they can do.

Express your love often

Let them know how much you love them.  In this case, they become less vulnerable to the outside world. They enjoy a sense of secureness wherever they go.

Be a good listener

Always try to become a good listener for your child. In such case, they form the habit, of telling you their daily account. And your proper guidance will surely pull them away from any wrongdoing.

Create respectful fear

A child should always carry the consciousness of not hurting his/her parent rather than being gets scolded. A sense of not hurting one’s parent will always refrain him/her from any not-to-do things.  On the other hand, the sole sense of avoiding being scolded brings along with it the habit of telling lies.

Be friends

It is always good to be considerate of a good friend rather than behaving as a strict parent. Sometimes with our overprotective attitude, we may act as a strict, and stern parent. Grant them some space with their growing stage.

Happy parenting..!!

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