Morning symbolizes beginning and what else will be better than reviving your day with a powerful meditation technique like mantra meditation. Mantra Meditation, as the name indicates, a form of meditation technique, where  mantras are used exclusively as guiding means. A mantra is a word or phrase, repeatedly pronounced during meditation process. It is a combination of sounds and frequencies with divine connection During the meditation, one can repeat the mantra either loudly, or in mind, or else whisper.. Having its base in ancient Tibetan and Indian culture, these mantras are sacred and spiritual in nature. With holiness loaded, it is very mystical about the sound of the mantra.

Through mantra, you enter meditation, helps holding attention on single thought by obstructing mental chatter. Mantras are also referred as ‘ Mental protectors’, basically in Buddhist traditions.Chanting of mantra in a correct way affirms your mind, reframes your subconscious understanding , and thereby affects human consciousness. If one feels the path of mantra from mouth to mind, from mind to heart , and from the heart to navel, it creates enough positive vibrations to uplift you in every possible way.  In mantra meditation, emphasis is to be given to correct pronunciation, coordinated with breathing.

There are many spiritual and religious mantras, but it is not necessary to get involved in any religious practice. You can choose your own mantra, based on your belief and culture. In present time, people even create their own mantras with different affirmations depending on the requirement and situation. But it is also said that affirmations does not bring the same effect as mantras, because mantras is a sound, which creates vibrations within you, while affirmations are just meaningful phrases.

Use of mantras in meditation


There are some commonly used mantras in this form of meditation. Each mantra has its own characteristics and strength. Let us look into them:

Om:  This mantra is believed to be the origin of the universe, termed as the root of all mantras and sounds and hence the most powerful of all. Om is not considered as word , rather it is termed as a sound, sound of supreme consciousness, name of God.

Hare Krishna Hare Rama: This mantra has its origin in the belief of Krishna consciousness. The mantra consists of three words: Hare, Krishna, and Rama. The three words are name of three different avatars of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that lord Vishnu takes birth in every era to established good against evil. So, it is a form of prayer to God to cut down or destroy anything that is painful, and spread all the joys and happiness. Chanting this mantra with all devotion and belief in God, strengthens the mind from within.

Om Namah Shivaay: A mantra with the dwelling belief towards Lord Shiva. It means ‘ I bow to Shiva’.  It is a very powerful mantra, yet it is also said to be a flexible mantra. One can recite and chant anywhere ,anytime without any rigidity. It is a self-energising mantra, said to be the base of all verses and Vedas. The mantra signifies five elements. Na refers to earth, Ma refers to water, Shi refers fire, Va refers to air and Ya refers to sky.

Soham : The meaning of this mantra is ‘I am’. Soham mantra forms the basis of our existence, without any religious orientation. It is associated with our own breathing process, and therefore runs continuously within us, without any effort of external repetition. If we concentrate on our breathing process, Sooo…is in our inhalation, and Hammm….is in our exhalation. It is the breathe awareness mantra, which forms the basics of any meditation practice.

Om Mani Padme Hum: Having its origin in Buddhist culture, the essence of the mantra is that there is a Buddha in all of us, which has got lost in our impure earthly activities and the associated feelings, Therefore to attain the Buddhahood we have to clean our mind, body and soul and by chanting this mantra with sincere devotion, we can bring out the best within ourselves. Here Om means pureness of Buddha, Mani indicate a pure mind as jewel, Padme means lotus that grows from mud, Hum means indivisibility of method of purification and wisdom.

Gayatri Mantra: It is said to be the purest of all mantras. It is believed that chanting of this mantra gives one the wisdom of life. It is a form of prayer to grant us all possible wisdom to move in a correct path, away from sufferings and pains, and evil of any sorts.

Wishing you all the good power..!!



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