How much attention do we actually pay in our have-to-do daily works? Have we ever thought that the daily must rituals that we do every day, can actually bring to us more good than the pre-assumed ones? Yes , indeed… the daily habits, the way we perform them, or in other words the extent we ourselves get involved in them, determines the fruitfulness of the moment. In our daily activities, we often remain entangled to lots of thoughts, rather than actually mindfully doing the same.

In our busy schedule, I often find people pointing to the proper lack of time in doing meditation. Many new beginners are reluctant as they seem to run out of time, in incorporating meditation in their life. But meditation is about putting awareness to each and every moment of your daily life. All you need some intention and purpose for doing the same.

Here I introduce to you, some of the easy ways, how you can turn your daily activities into different forms of meditation, without actually cutting down any of your scheduled time.

Easy meditation techniques for a busy day


Eating meditation:

First of all feel blessed to have a plateful of a meal before you. Express gratitude. Feel grateful for the present existence that made you enjoy the type of meal you want. Take your meal, enjoy and relish its taste, flavor and texture, and feel the way how it moves into our stomach. Feel your satisfying tongue and flowing energy in your body. Make it a positive meal, with all possible positivity that you want at that moment. Eat with full attention and concentration.

Walking meditation:

We all know walking is one of the best physical activities for a body, what if it also brings equal benefit to your mind. As you take to walking, enjoy the surrounding, feel the air around you. Observed and concentrate on your breath, your footsteps, the long ones, the shorter ones. Feel the pressure in your footsteps. Walk with full awareness, and try not to run any thoughts in your mind. Maintain the speed you enjoy and be sure to be in your comfortable attire.

Shower meditation

Yes, you can convert your shower time into meditation. As you take shower, imagine washing away all your negativity from your mind, body, and soul. Wash away your weaknesses, fear, anger, jealousy, or any other negative emotions of yours. Feel the water on your skin as it flows down your body. Bring your full awareness on your shower, the coldness or the warmness of the flowing water. As you cleansed away, imagine a purely new, try to feel relaxed, comfortable in your skin.

Waiting meditation

Without a doubt, waiting is one of the most boring jobs we encountered, but sometimes we can’t help it, except to wait. But, what if you see from a different perspective, and take the privilege of this waiting time in relaxing ourselves.  Yes, it’s true, there is this waiting meditation. Our life is always in hustle and bustle, use this time to settle down. Feel your rested body. Observe the world, the things, people around you, and the minute details of peoples’ behavior, be aware of the good and bad around you. Develop your observation power, which will sharpen your focusing skill. Use this time to know yourself. As I have correctly read somewhere, it will be ‘waiting without waiting’.

Have a good day..!!



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