Meditation is often regarded as being mindfulness. The terms are though interchangeable, yet there does exist a thin line of difference in practicing both. One can meditate by being mindful, but to be mindful does not necessarily mean meditation. Bit confused, I suppose…??

Let me figure this out, according to my experience and understanding.

Difference between meditation and Mindfulness


Mindfulness means to be available at a particular point in time. It is to be actively aware of the surrounding we are dealing, in full knowledge of the present moment, what we are doing, speaking etc. I am quite sure many must have experienced that, at times in performing our daily activities, or while talking to someone, we remain pre-occupied by a number of things, running inside the mind. We are actually half present in activities of our daily lives. Either we remain to confront with our past happenings or else fly away by future anticipations. By practicing mindfulness, we remain exactly where we should be, i.e in our present, enjoying and experiencing every tiniest of things. It is to be in focus in our daily chores and avoid being ‘mindless’. Mindfulness is to your outer world. It is informal meditation. It can be practically the whole day without any regime


Mediation, on the other hand, is the knowledge of your inner world. It is the connection of your inner being with some powerful source of energy. One becomes aware of the running thoughts in the mind, without holding any of them. It is formal mindfulness. It needs a definite time and regime. Mindfulness can be regarded as the first step of meditation. Meditation is the journey to fulfill your inner quest for mental wellbeing until it touches your soul.


So until you practice meditation, be Mindful….!!

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