‘The hardest prison to escape is in your mind’. So truthful and self-explanatory line isn’t it..? Another one, ‘ Eyes are useless when the mind is blind’. This is exactly with me three years back, when I was lost, for reasons which seemed to be much bigger than I could bear with. I was mentally devastated, before long I took meditation as my anchor. My daily life had become more than a roller coaster for me. I was drowning in all possible sources of negativities until this amazing thing happened to me. Trying hard to find an escape route, I accidentally came to the rescue of the same.

Meditation has now formed a part of me. Having found remarkable changes personally, both physically and mentally, I am now a strong preacher of this practice. Since meditation is all about finding peace, calming our mind, slowing down the rush within and healing the mind. It taught me to train, control and thereby heal my mind within, and completely changed me to better one. The daily practice of meditation can actually bring most wanted changes in our lives. Let me share some of the noticeable, immediate, distinct changes (or benefits), that I witness in my practical life.

Mental benefits of meditation

Increases focus and concentration/creativity and productivity

Meditation helps me in enhancing my focus and concentration on my daily works as well as boosts me out on better improved output.

Lessen anger

I was short tempered, often used to get irritated, frustrated at small things. Meditation helps to calm down, brings patience and tolerance even in extreme conditions. Emotional stability increases.

Gets rid of anxiety and stress

I have become more open to the positive aspects of life. I started to see happiness in all the good things in my life. One becomes more energetic and lively. Helps in increasing daily energy. Changes our outlook, fills us with positivity, vitality accessing the opportunities. Kick starts our day.

Reduces Depression

Meditation reduces the depressed state of mind. It calms down the inner turmoil, soothes down the wounds, and changes our whole outlook towards life. Increases our internal bliss and happiness and teaches us the value of gratitude in our lives. A relaxed and composed mood became a habitual gradually. Meditation treats our mind with a long lasting therapy.

Living in the present moment

Being conscious of thoughts, it helps in enjoying and living in the present moment. Changes our outlook towards our life and therefore helps us more in enjoying small things of the present. One starts to know one’s mind. Therefore helps to control our reactions to daily situations and actions.

Decrease of attachment

As it is said that ‘expectation is the root cause of all sorrow’, meditation, therefore, develops within us a sense of detachment to worldly expectations. Helps in building a strong balance between expectation and acceptance of the situation.

Increases compassion

Fills our heart with love and kindness , both for oneself as well as others. We start loving ourselves, as there’s goes a common saying’ love yourself to love others’. It increases our perspective towards others, adopting a considerate approach towards others.

Happy Living….!!

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