Parenting is a two way process. The moment the child takes birth, a new ‘you’ is also born (and gradually a better you….). You grow, while growing your child. You learn while teaching your child. And your whole-being gets nourished, while nourishing your child.

Parenting is tough because the entire process is delicate. It is a great sole responsibility of parents to make a complete package of a healthy child. It is very true that home is the first school and parents are the first teachers. But often, attending a child physically may not imply giving attention to them. In our busy schedule, many a time, children end up in becoming a part of our duties. Unknowingly we often fail to fulfil some hidden needs of a child, because we already remain pre-occupied in one thing or the other. The first thing of mindful parenting is to be aware of your own being, your strengths, weakness, behaviour, activities. Since children are keen observer, so you should in turn be a sharp observer too, so as to what good or bad a child is picking up from you, as well as from surrounding. Do mindful interactions with your child, be aware of your actions and reactions towards him/her.

Pick up these techniques for easy mindful parenting :

Awareness in parenting

Good listener

Be a good and obedient listener to your child. A child has lot to say. Though it may sound silly, but try to be a quiet and patient listener. Encourage them to talk. Let them speak their minds, their feelings of different sorts. This will help you to know your child’s psychology better.


Always affirm your child with positive notes. It can do magic in building up their confidence and self-esteem. Lift them up, no matter how small venture they are engaged in. Feed them with good thought, and show them the way to look into possibilities.

Show love

Secure them with love. Let them know often that you love them, Give them your touch, hug them, and pat them in love. Avoid nagging now and then. Get emotionally involve with the little ones. Being a mother of a toddler, I find my daughter more obedient in soft approach, and see her turning equally stubborn in my stern attitude.

Acknowledge and apologise

Acknowledge everything good about them; applaud them in their small wins. It will boost up the goodness within them . At the same time, never forget to apologise before them, for anything you shouldn’t have done. By teaching them to apologise, you will gradually make them learn to avoid apologising situation.

Fix schedule family time.

No matter how busy you stay the whole day, make it a rule to have a definite quality family time daily. It strengthens and nourishes the bonding with the child. Even though you may be around the child every now and then, yet as they grow up their mind demands exclusive attention, care and thereby some time especially for them.

Be happy You

Be consciously happy. They see parents as their role models. Be the person, you want your child to be. Be the epitome of happiness, positivity, and stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Happy parenthood….!!

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