Repeated negative statements about oneself are termed as negative self-talk. Many times, either consciously or unconsciously, we get involved in self-criticism. It easily forms a part of daily conservation, or we take it as an easy means to avoid an unwilling situation. Though some amount of self-critic is good, yet excess of everything is bad. Similarly, too much negative self-talk hampers you in many ways. Frequent complaining about yourself, not being happy about the way you are, non-acceptable attitude towards yourself destroys your inner self by affecting in the following ways:

  • Being self-critic, in some cases, may sound to be grounded, but it also lowers your self –esteem in a gradual way.
  • It lowers your inner belief, and therefore limits your abilities and destroys your potentialities. Loving and accepting yourself boosts up confidence, and which gets reflected in your activities.
  • Moreover, we carry the aura of what we think about ourselves. Therefore, it also affects the thoughts and behavior of others towards you. Practice saying positive thoughts to yourself. It affirms you against any of your drawbacks.
  • And in the worst case, it may also lead to a depressed state of mind, with attacks of stress and anxiety, as it hampers your confidence level.

Be a positive Self-critic

Researchers also say that too much negative self-talk, may also lead to Cognitive Distortions and come up with the mindset of:

  • Blaming: One falls in the habit of blaming oneself for everything and anything wrong.
  • Catastrophising: Always anticipating something bad to happen.
  • Filtering positive: Falls in the habit of looking at everything as negative therefore filters anything positive associated with.
  • Polarizing: Judgemental of either bad or good, nothing in the way out the middle. It has to be negative if it is not good.

Instead, try this:

  • Accept yourself as you are. Often we are so very unsatisfied in the way we are, for eg our physical appearance, and go on comparing ourselves with others. Instead, bring the grace and charm in who you are.
  • It is good to know and realize your faults or any bad habits, but instead of focussing on that, concentrate on the way to change to better ones.
  • Be aware of your thoughts about yourself. Love yourself, your inner being needs pampering too.



Abhijit · August 22, 2018 at 9:18 am

I think this is a beautiful post. Yes, a lot of people think negatively. Even for a good outcome, they tend to think negative by terming the outcome as a fluke. I think we as people, not all but many, have low self esteem. We hardly believe we can do something good and be successful.

    Darshana · August 22, 2018 at 11:11 am

    thank you so much…I am glad you liked the post.
    Practicing gratitude for what we have can actually go a long way in building a positive self.

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