Sleeping disorder or insomnia is no longer a problem of old age. Of late it is growing concern and visible as early as from an age of a teenager. Though it can be attributed to a number of causes, yet mental health is the predominant reason behind insomnia. Anxiety, stress, associated with our daily life, greatly affects our mental stability. Everything we encountered in a whole day continuously runs in our subconscious brain, without our conscious effort. And as we lay down to sleep and our conscious brain takes a back seat, the subconscious brain takes the privilege to reign.

Our day-long activities get only minimise, in the back of our mind, just like our smartphones, until and unless we press a mental button of close all activities in due time or just before sleep. Filtering your mind and thought the process is the secret behind a sound, deep and quality sleep. In an unfiltered manner, you get a series of chaotic flashback of the day-long activities and even days before. It disturbs the quality of sleep we desire. A pure and filtered sleep even for fewer hours is more fruitful than long hours of an unfiltered sleep.

How to have a sound sleep?

Fortunately, our subconscious brain also behaves as an obedient pupil, provided we prove ourselves as a good teacher and trainer and track it to a proper way of thought. Here, meditation plays a very important role in purifying our thoughts and thereby upgrading our mental health. In, present day, there are numerous researches supporting the evident usefulness of meditation in treating insomnia.

Meditation teaches us to create an awareness of the present moment. As we gradually become aware of the present, the disturbing thoughts no matter what starts becoming a blur in the screen of our mind. It pulls us to the present and consequently reduces the stress. Meditation has been proved to induce natural relaxation to our autonomic nervous system. Regular practice of the following meditation techniques can help one to combat insomnia. Before sleep, one can start with any of these basic techniques;

Samadhi meditation: In the simplest form of meditation, just attempt to sit in a relaxed state, both physically and mentally. Install calmness within you. Avoid distractions of any form. Watch your normal breath. Observe your breathing process, without any alteration. As you sit longer, of course, a bit patiently, you will find yourself calmer within.

Guided meditation: One can also take the help of some guidance in the form of guiding audio, soft music, or mantra. Chanting of basic, yet powerful mantras is an important way of guided meditation. It cleanses your subconscious brain from all negative thoughts.

Breathing meditation: In this type, extra emphasis is given on the breathing technique. Observing and concentrating on deep inhalation and exhalation of breath relaxes the brain. Counting breathes along with it also helps a lot. Though you may find losing track in the middle, restart. This will slowly lead you to track.

Body scan meditation: Lay down comfortably. Scan your body from bottom to top, as you inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. Try to release tension from your body, loosen your body, relaxing it from within.

So, have a good night and Sleep tight..!!


Shilpa Gupte · March 5, 2019 at 8:32 pm

I have heard about audios for guided meditation that help you fall asleep. I would like to try them out. Could you share some?

Thank you!

    Darshana · March 5, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    Hello Shilpa….hw r u doing..
    Do u want something by me..? in this case have nt recorded anything regarding sleep.
    Otherwise u can find many in google….
    I can select some if u need help.

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