Make Your Mornings With Mantra Meditation

Morning symbolizes beginning and what else will be better than reviving your day with a powerful meditation technique like mantra meditation. Mantra Meditation, as the name indicates, a form of meditation technique, where  mantras are used exclusively as guiding means. A mantra is a word or phrase, repeatedly pronounced during Read more…

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Mental Well being

No to Negative Self-talk

Repeated negative statements about oneself are termed as negative self-talk. Many times, either consciously or unconsciously, we get involved in self-criticism. It easily forms a part of daily conservation, or we take it as an easy means to avoid an unwilling situation. Though some amount of self-critic is good, yet Read more…

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Know to Cope Up With Stress

Stressed..?? .Even I used to… very often. But I believe, stress is a part of a busy and productive life. The more you are busy in your life, the more u encounter stress. It’s the part of life. Personally, I am a workaholic type of person, and love being busy, Read more…

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