Being a mother to a toddler, I am very much acquainted with the everyday running –out- of-time situation. True to say, I actually came to know the exact value of time after becoming a mother, when you have to steal away every possible minute for yourself.

Besides the timely siren of the duties of the toddler, daily household chores are extended part. And if you are a blogger like me, and your home is your professional workplace too, the balancing of the whole day becomes a herculean task for me. Before, days were very common when I realized myself in a see-saw, and a little more inclination to one of my roles, leads to the negligence of the other, leaving me guilty at the end of my day. Days also went when I got too inclined to my motherly duties, that my professional front went blank. I was trying hard to balance, but somehow at the end, I didn’t record a fruitful day. It is then that one day I decided to draw out some rules to regulate my life. Nowadays, I try hard to abide by my self-formulated rules, which actually proving very helpful. Here, I share with you that rules and regulations (sort of…) that I maintain.

Time management tips for mothers


Golden Hour

Have a golden time in your 24 hours day. It is best if it is in the morning, but for me, it is also sometimes in the night, whenever I can pull out a productive and useful hour for myself. Make the best use of this hour, do anything that you like, anything that soothes your mind, body, and soul, or else take care of yourself, pamper yourself. For me, I use that time for any kind of self-improvising activity.  Not necessarily I write in that hour, usually cuddle myself and read my favorite book, listen to some music, or motivational video, or the best of all, I meditate.


Pre-planned the whole day, schedule it out and believe me it saves quite a lot of time. Even in days when I have no work on the professional front, I make sure to keep some productive time for myself, in addition to the golden hour. I hate spending an unlearned day. A few productive minutes daily keeps me motivated.


Prioritise your daily works, without neglecting any front. Personally, I don’t spend too much time every day on regular works like dusting, cleaning and similar household works. Rather, I choose alternate days or fix 2-3 days for the same. Unknowingly too much of daily chores robs us of our valuable energy, which can otherwise be put in more useful works.

Steal time

If you a mother, you have to know how to steal time. For me, I try to make as much use of the napping time, playing time of my baby. I usually use these hours in adding dimensions to my professional front.


After becoming a mom, one more thing that I learned is to do the time-saving multitasking. According to me, one work at one-time theory doesn’t fit in a mom’s life. You have to be swift, planned, disciplined and work with hands but with the brain on.

Manageable closet

Keep your things in order and reachable at hand, so that whatever little time you get should not be wasted in searching things. Searching for regular things, because of disorderliness, according to me is a great waste of time. So, as far as possible I try keeping my daily requirements in order and at hand. Discipline plays a great role in the management of time.

Happy Living..!!


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