There is a saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and I believe it holds good in most of our situations. Similarly, when one decides to follow mediation and wants to meditate, I feel there are some basic norms for any beginner to accept before they jump to meditate. Rather been an impulsive decision of a tired mind, a resolved committed attempt can help in reaping better benefits. Some basic preparations are necessary beforehand so that they can actually fall into the practice and stretch it in a long run.


It is the first thing you need to possess. Meditation is all about the mind. Prepare your mind before knowing about it. Therefore a decided and willing mindset to know the process and acquire the changes in the journey is a must. Get started only when you are ready. Obviously, it is not so good to start with a reluctant attitude. Have the purpose and intention of you, which will boost up your willingness. Always begin with a pure thought.


Patience is the only anchor to hold in the beginning. As I always say, meditation is not tough, but yes it may seem to be boring at the beginning. Therefore, only with patience that one can pass out the beginner’s stage until it becomes a part of you. Stay committed to your effort. Practice with patience.


Meditation is not a random act. A regular schedule is very much important in the beginning. Maintain the same time, every day, until it becomes a habit of you. A fixed schedule will help you to focus and concentrate. It is also preferable to practice in the same place every day, which will help you to create the environment, without much effort.

Empty stomach

The process is easier with an unfilled tummy. An empty stomach will make it comfortable for you to sit down in your posture for some long minutes, making you feel light and flexible. Because meditation is also about relaxing your body. Heavy stomach carries the chances to make you sleep.

With all the wishes of joy of meditation..!!

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