In this fast-moving hectic life, meditation forms a common and effective anecdote for any sort of mental and sometimes even physical disturbances. Often, for the layman the word ‘meditation’ sounds very heavy, probably spiritual to some, or even with a presumed notion of boring to the other. Neither it is any kind of worship, prayer or religious undertaking. Meditation is a science , about our mind and thoughts.

Meditation for your well-being

The word is derived from latin words ‘meditari’, means to think or to exercise our mind, just as we exercise for our physical well being. Meditation is simple, all you need is your willingness and some patience with it. Let me give you some general idea as to what meditation is. This word cannot be defined or compressed in one definition, rather  it carries with it series or phases of mental accomplishments.

A state of awareness of the present moment.

It is the awareness of the environment outside us. Knowing what is doing on in and around us.  Being mindful about daily activities, or in other words, avoiding  absentmindness.

The consciousness of breathe.

It is of feeling your breathe. Conscious inhalation in and out. It is the observation and giving focus on your breathing.

The consciousness of the thoughts running inside our mind.

It is to be conscious of what we are thinking, it is to look within our inner environment, to know the Capturing thoughts of our mind.

No pulling and pushing thoughts at a time/ rather thoughtless.

Once we know the thoughts running in our mind, there is no fighting, no controlling of thoughts either. It is just watching your thoughts. It is simply attending your mind, without reacting.

Training of the mind into a track.

Our unruly mind that easily falls prey of all sorts of negativity.. it is bringing of the monkey mind into a track. It is the Practice of inner calmness and stability. Knowing your thoughts leads to ultimate self-knowledge

Feeling relaxed physically and mentally at the same time.

By avoiding being judgemental about your thoughts, you slowly begin to release your mental stress. And gradually you release your physical stress too (though there are different forms of meditation for this purpose). It is the Learning to stay still, till you feel refreshing and rejuvenating.




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